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Florida Housing Finance Corporation Honors National Homeownership Month

Affordable housing provider asks Floridians to share what the word ‘home’ means to them

Tallahassee, Fla. – Florida Housing Finance Corporation (Florida Housing) is proud to celebrate National Homeownership Month showcasing the importance of home. While the structure of people’s homes may not have changed, its meaning has indeed transitioned over the past few months. Home has become a place of comfort, safety, good health, and family. As the state’s housing finance agency that assists Floridians with their housing needs, Florida Housing understands that now, more than ever, access to a stable, quality home is necessary. To emphasize this message, Florida Housing is asking people to share their stories on social media using the hashtag #MyHomeIsMy. A video was also filmed in honor of our 40th anniversary this year featuring Florida Housing employees across all departments sharing what the word home means to them.

“Florida Housing understands that the meaning of the word home has changed for many Floridians,” said Trey Price, Executive Director of Florida Housing Finance Corporation. “As we continue to keep safe social distances, our homes have turned into more than just a place to return after a long day at work. At Florida Housing, our goal is to ensure every Floridian has an affordable place to call home.  We recognize that many individuals interested in renting or purchasing a home can no longer afford it due to the negative economic impacts of COVID-19. To those families, our message is this: we are here for you. The team at Florida Housing will be available to assist you whenever you are ready; we are all in this together.  Florida Housing has partnerships with lenders and realtors statewide who are well versed in our programs. We thank them for their commitment to Florida Housing’s mission.”

"Buying your first home is daunting for most people, but buying your first home when you've spent your whole life believing it's nearly impossible makes it terrifying," said Andrew Fischer, first time home buyer who utilized Florida Housing's homeownership program. "I doubted myself at every step, scared that I would mess up and spend a bunch of money on a pipe dream. I'm extremely grateful to the team at Florida Housing and my lender Deb Holloway, for offering guidance, responding to my numerous emails, and transforming the rough pile of documentation I provided into something that made sense. I am proud to say that I now have a place to call home.”

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Florida Housing was created by the Legislature 40 years ago. We are the state’s housing finance agency (HFA) that administers state and federal resources to help provide affordable homeownership and rental housing options for the citizens of Florida.


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