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Strategic Plan

Florida Housing’s strategic plan provides a road map of how programs will be targeted over several years. It is not meant to be a comprehensive plan that includes every facet of what Florida Housing does, but instead provides a big picture view of the Corporation’s most important priorities.

On September 19, 2014, Florida Housing’s Board of Directors adopted the 2014 Florida Housing Finance Corporation Strategic Plan. The plan reflects the housing conditions and opportunities at the time, projects future issues and concerns, and provides priorities to guide operations until the plan is updated. It also includes performance measures and targets to benchmark our progress.

The Quick Links box on this page accesses various documents and steps taken during the nine month process of creating the 2014 Plan as well as key stakeholder input that informed and enhanced the plan. Additional comments about the plan may be sent anytime via email to or by mail at 227 N. Bronough St, Suite 5000, Tallahassee FL 32301.

Performance Metrics

Florida Housing reports quarterly on the performance metrics adopted in the Strategic Plan, and pursuant to the Affordable Housing Services Contract with the Department of Economic Opportunity required by section 420.0006, Florida Statutes. Quarterly reports are sent to the Department and after review, the Department director certifies whether Florida Housing is in compliance with these statutory requirements. Links to the most recent quarterly reports are found in the Quick Links box. In addition, Florida Housing’s Board of Directors reviews a set of quarterly programmatic Dashboard Metrics.

Florida Housing also contracts with an outside expert to assess the Economic Impact of Florida Housing’s programs. A link to the most recent report is found in the Quick Links box.

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