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Public Comments on the Affordable Housing Workgroup

Comments regarding Affordable Housing Workgroup, can be sent to Trey Price, Executive Director, or Nancy Muller, Director of Policy and Special Programs, by choosing one of the following methods:

By Email: Trey.Price@floridahousing.org

By Mail: Florida Housing Finance Corporation
c/o Trey Price
c/o Nancy Muller
227 North Bronough Street, Suite 5000
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Date of Comment Submitted By
11-29-2017 Douglas D. Adkins - Dayspring Village, Inc.
11-29-2017 Florida Realtors
11-28-2017 Cindee LaCourse-Blum - Community Land Trust of Palm Beach County
11-27-2017 Donald D. Hadsell - Office of Housing & Community Development
11-21-2017 Carol Eaddy Langford - City of West Palm Beach
11-21-2017 Terry Chelikowsky - Florida Alliance of Community Development Corporations
11-20-2017 Christopher G. Constance - Florida Association of Counties, Inc.
11-17-2017 Byron W. Brooks - City of Orlando
11-17-2017 Patrick Franklin - Housing Finance Authority of Palm Beach Florida
11-15-2017 Ignacio Esteban and Ed Timberlake - Florida Community Loan Fund
11-13-2017 Jamie A. Smarr - National Housing Partnership Foundation
11-10-2017 Nancy Robin - Habitat for Humanity
11-10-2017 Natalie N. Maxwell & Patrice Paldino - Housing Umbrella Group
11-09-2017 Thomas Kenyon
11-08-2017 Bobbie Ibarra - Homes for All
11-06-2017 Mandy Bartle - South Florida Community Land Trust
11-04-2017 Natalie Barresi
10-31-2017 Corey G. Mathews - Florida Association of Housing and Redevelopment 
10-30-2017 Doug Mayer - Stone Soup Development
10-27-2017 Melanie Brown-Woofter - Florida Council for Community Mental Health
10-27-2017 Andrew Molina
10-27-2017 Veronica Lallan
10-27-2017 Robert Mandell
10-27-2017 Shawn Wilson - Blue Sky Communities
10-27-2017 Fernando Garcia
10-27-2017 Nicole Carbon
10-27-2017 Sasha Hutchins
10-27-2017 Sadowski Housing Coalition
10-26-2017 Alicia Griggs - Alicia Realty
10-26-2017 Heather Carruthers - Monroe County
10-26-2017 Mary Phillips - Push Forward Realty Inc.
10-26-2017 Heather Lingley - Tropical Realty Beachside
10-26-2017 Brock Doyle - Coldwell Banker
10-25-2017 Jaimie Ross - Florida Housing Coalition
10-23-2017 Mark M. du Mas - The Paces Foundation
10-23-2017 Olga Golik- Florida Supportive Housing Coaliton
10-20-2017 Mark Hendrickson - Florida Association of Local Housing Finance Authorities
10-18-2017 Vicki White - City of Bradenton
10-16-2017 Tyrone Alexander- Alexander Builders, LLC.

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