Year: RFA:

RFA 2020-206 HOME Financing for the construction of small, rural Developments

Noninterference Clause (Section Three F.2. of RFA 2020-206) states: At no time during the review and evaluation process, commencing with the Application Deadline and continuing until the Board renders a final decision on the RFA, may Applicants or their representatives contact Board members or Corporation staff concerning their own or any other Applicant’s Application. If an Applicant or its representative does contact a Board or staff member in violation of this section, the Board shall, upon a determination that such contact was made in an attempt to influence the selection process, disqualify the Application.

App NumberDevelopmentCountyContactDeveloperAddressDocuments
2021-280H Meadow Park DeSoto Eric C. Miller National Development of America, Inc. NE Turner Avenue, SE of the Intersection of NE Turner Avenue and NE Cody Street, unincorporated DeSoto County Entire Application Package

2021-281H Thomas Pines Jackson Maurice Harvey Ad Meloria Community Development, Inc.;
Volunteers of America of Florida, Inc.
Highway 73, 300' south of Holly Hill Dr, Marianna, FL 32448, Parcel # 10-4N-1000-0590-0010 Entire Application Package

2021-282H Casa San Alfonso Hardee Frank J. Dewane National Development of America, Inc.;
CSJD Developer, Inc.
Schoolhouse Rd, NE of the intersection of Schoolhouse Rd and 3rd St E, Zolfo Springs Entire Application Package

2021-283H Sandcastle Manor Baker Jessica L Criss Sandcastles Foundation, Inc.;
Panhandles Affordable II, LLC
Woodlawn Rd & Mount Herna Rd Entire Application Package

2021-284H Sandcastle Pines Bradford Jessica L Criss Sandcastles Foundation, Inc.;
Panhandle Affordable II, LLC
N Westmoreland St and Parkwood Place Entire Application Package

2021-285H Hermosa Arcadia DeSoto Michael R. Allan National Development of America, Inc.;
Revital Development Group, LLC
NE Gibson Street, Approximately 1.8 acres at the SW corner of the Intersection of NE Gibson Street and NE Turner Avenue Entire Application Package

2021-286H Towns of Okeechobee - Phase III Okeechobee Don D. Patterson MFK/REVA Development, LLC;
Don D. Patterson;
Lynda V. Harris
NW 15th Street and NW 16th Street, Okeechobee County, FL Entire Application Package

2021-287H Liberty Crossings Liberty Debra S. Fleming Affordable Housing Solutions for Florida, Inc. 10 acres on west side of CR12NW approx 1 block south of FL 20 Bristol, FL 32321. Entire Application Package

2021-288H Greyes Place Phase II Wakulla Debra S. Fleming Affordable Housing Solutions for Florida, Inc. Proposed Street on Site Plan: Shebly Circle connecting with proposed Greyes Place Drive, intersecting with High Drive near Daniel Lane. Contiguous with 59 Daniel Lane, Crawfordville, FL (the address used for phase I). Entire Application Package