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RFA 2019-108 SAIL Financing Farmworker and Commercial Fishing Worker Housing

Noninterference Clause (Section Three F.2. of RFA 2019-108) states: At no time during the review and evaluation process, commencing with the Application Deadline and continuing until the Board renders a final decision on the RFA, may Applicants or their representatives contact Board members or Corporation staff concerning their own or any other Applicant’s Application. If an Applicant or its representative does contact a Board or staff member in violation of this section, the Board shall, upon a determination that such contact was made in an attempt to influence the selection process, disqualify the Application.

App NumberDevelopmentCountyContactDeveloperAddressDocuments
2019-424S Casa Amigos Collier Steven C. Kirk Rural Neighborhoods, Incorporated North side of Amigo Way; West of the Intersection of Amigo Way and Esperanza Way, Unincorporated Collier County Entire Application Package