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Florida Hardest-Hit Fund Program Announced to Help Troubled Homeowners

Information on the program announced to help homeowner’s nearing foreclosure can be found here.

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What programs are available to assist first-time homebuyers?
Florida Housing's Homebuyer Loan Program offers low interest rate mortgages as well as down payment assistance to eligible first-time homebuyers. Other cash and down payment assistance options are available. To find out if you're eligible, use our Homebuyer Loan Programs Wizard

Click here for more general questions and answers on Florida Housing’s Homebuyer Loan Program.

If I have previously owned a home, but don't currently own one, am I eligible for the Homebuyer Loan Program?
If you have not owned a home in the past three years, you may be eligible to participate in the Homebuyer Loan Program. Contact a participating lender in your area to find out if you qualify.

What programs are available for single family builders/developers?
Florida Housing's Homeownership Pool (HOP) Program provides developers with the ability to reserve funds for eligible homebuyers to provide purchase assistance.
I used Florida Housing's Homebuyer Loan Program to purchase my home. I recently sold the house, and was informed that I must pay a Recapture Tax. Where can I learn more about this tax?
Good news! You may be eligible for a full reimbursement of any Recapture Tax paid to the IRS. Learn more here.


Where can I find the latest HUD Rent and Income limits?
You can find the most recent Rent limits here. Income limits are posted here.
Where can I find general information on compliance requirements for Florida Housing’s properties?
Information on rental program compliance requirements and other related details, such as income limit and rent limit schedules and certification of tenant eligibility information is available under Property Owners and Managers. On the Property Owners and Managers page you will also find links to Florida Housing’s Compliance Guidebook and related Compliance forms.

Housing Data

Where can I find data and statistics on housing in Florida?
In addition to housing data reports listed in the Newsroom and Library section of Florida Housing’s website, you can also find data on housing in Florida on the Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse website at .


How do I become one of Florida Housing’s participating lenders?
Those interested in becoming one of Florida Housing’s participating lenders can find more information here, including whom to contact, enrollment eligibility and more.

Demonstration Loan

Does Florida Housing provide financing for demonstration projects?
From time to time, Florida Housing may issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for demonstration projects that provide affordable housing to certain segments of the population, such as farmworkers and commercial fishing workers, the elderly and others. You can find Florida Housing’s RFPs here.

Financial Information

How can I obtain a copy of Florida Housing’s financial statements?
Florida Housing’s financial statements, and other budget related information, are available here.

Public Records Requests

How can I submit a Public Records Request?
Florida Housing complies with the Public Records Request provisions for Chapter 119, FS. All requests will be coordinated through the Legal Department and the program area applicable to the request. Generally, we are able to respond within 2 working days.

Learn more about submitting your request here.
Is there a fee for a Public Records Request?
There is a $.15 per page charge for any photocopies of documents involved in the request. For lengthy files, a copy count can be provided to determine the cost to you prior to the actual copying. There is an additional charge for postage. There is, however, no charge for any information or documents which can be supplied via email.


Does Florida Housing provide financing for predevelopment activities?
Yes. Florida Housing’s Predevelopment Loan Program helps nonprofits, community based organizations, local governments, and public housing authorities plan, finance, and develop affordable housing. Eligible organizations may apply for a loan of up to $500,000 for various predevelopment activities, including soil tests, engineering fees, title searches and appraisals. For more information, go to Developers, then Special Programs.


Where do I register for Realtor CE Course Training?
Realtors interested in registering for CE Course Training can find class schedule, course cost and more here. General information for Realtors may be found here.

Rental Housing

How can I locate an affordable apartment in my area?
Those searching for rental housing can now use Florida Housing's new affordable housing search engine, Begin your search for affordable rental housing at

What financing programs are available for affordable housing developers building multifamily properties?
Florida Housing's multifamily programs provide financing assistance to developers of affordable rental housing. Under Developers you will find details on programs that provide low-interest gap financing, credit enhancement, financing for predevelopment activities, tax credits, bond financing and other assistance.

Special Needs Housing

Do Florida Housing’s programs address the housing needs of farmworkers and commercial fishing workers, homeless people, the elderly and other special needs populations?
Florida Housing is statutorily required to reserve portions of its funds for the development of affordable housing targeted to elders, farmworkers and commercial fishing workers, and homeless individuals and families. Florida Housing provides incentives in its Universal Application process for developers seeking these set-aside funds. For more information, go here.

What programs are available to assist disabled homebuyers?
Florida Housing has set aside as part of its Homebuyer Loan Program for people with disabilities. Use the  Homebuyer Loan Programs Wizard to learn more.

How do I locate subsidized housing in my area? is a statewide, rental housing locator that provides detailed information on affordable rental housing that has been financed by Florida Housing Finance Corporation and/or counties choosing to participate in the service. The housing locator service allows people to locate available housing that best fits their individual and family needs. The service can be accessed online 24 hours a day and is supported by a toll-free, bilingual call center Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. Individuals can easily search for housing using a wide variety of search criteria with special mapping features and receive apartment listings that provide a multitude of important information about each unit. In addition, the site connects people to other housing resources through website links and provides helpful tools for renters such as an affordability calculator, rental checklist, and renter rights and responsibilities information.
To begin your search for affordable rental units available in your area, click here.
Additionally, the Florida Housing Data Clearninghouse provides key data and statistics on affordable housing throughout the state of Florida. You can access this information at . In addition, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides a list on its website of both public and private subsidized housing. Visit them at for more information.


What is "SHIP money" and how do I know if I qualify?
SHIP is an acronym for the State Housing Initiatives Partnership program. Florida Housing administers this program by providing the state's 67 counties and 48 entitlement cities with state dollars that are used for both homeownership and rental housing programs on the local level. The units of local governments identify their affordable housing priorities and disseminate those dollars throughout their communities. The SHIP program is designed to help very low, low and moderate income households. To find out if you qualify, contact either your city or county and inquire about the SHIP program.

Technical Assistance

Is technical assistance available in conjunction with Florida Housing’s programs?
Florida Housing provides training and other assistance in developing affordable housing through its Catalyst Program. The Florida Housing Coalition provides this training on behalf of Florida Housing. For a list of upcoming workshops, visit the Coalition’s website at

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