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For Immediate Release:

Disaster Damage Assessment - Information for Florida Housing Property Owners and Managers

TALLAHASSEE - Florida Housing Finance Corporation (Florida Housing) is monitoring the storm and have procedures and tools available for those impacted by severe weather and flooding.

Residents with a home or rental unit

Information for residents with a home or rental unit impacted by the storm can be found by clicking here.

Building Property Owners and Managers of Rental Developments Participating in a Florida Housing Program

As Hurricane Matthew approaches, Florida Housing wants to remind you of the procedures and tools available for owners and residents impacted by severe weather and flooding. This information will make post-recovery efforts go more smoothly if your residents and/or your development are impacted.

Florida Housing will conduct a general assessment of damage that results from Hurricane Matthew. A Damage Questionnaire is posted on the Florida Housing website for use by owners and/or managers of rental developments that participate in Florida Housing programs. http://www.floridahousing.org/PropertyOwnersAndManagers/Forms/

Save the file "Damage Questionnaire - Hurricane Matthew (10-2016 EO 16-230).xls", enter the applicable information, and submit the completed questionnaire as soon as practical (ideally within 5 business days) to:HDR@floridahousing.org

Please review the damage descriptions that follow and use them to provide a general assessment of damage that resulted from Hurricane Matthew by selecting the estimated damage level (for the development overall) from the dropdown list;

1. LIMITED: Generally superficial damage to solid structures (e.g., loss of tiles or roof shingles); some mobile homes and light structures are damaged or displaced.

2. MODERATE: Solid structures sustain exterior damage (e.g., missing roofs or roof segments); some mobile homes and light structures are destroyed, many are damaged or displaced.

3. EXTENSIVE: Some solid structures are destroyed; most sustain exterior and interior damage (e.g., roofs missing, interior walls exposed), most mobile homes and light structures are destroyed.

4. CATASTROPHIC: Most solid and all light or mobile structures destroyed.

Additionally, please report the quantity of units damaged and the quantity of buildings affected as well as the number of people who were displaced by the damage. Specific details regarding damages is not being sought at this time.

Indicate, by placing an “X” in the applicable column, when damage was caused by:

1. Rising waters (flood),

2. Water damage (from other than rising waters),

3. Damage to roof/soffit, window, and/or

4. Other damage (landscaping etc.)

A Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief Information for Florida Residents website has been established with information and guidance and can be accessed at:


For more information on this, please contact Florida Housing at 850-488-4197 or visit http://www.floridahousing.org

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